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Money Source Financial Inc. was started by Tom McLinden in 1994 and serves lower east Michigan with 90% of its clients being Ann Arbor Residents. Originally, The Money Source Center was able to provide their clients with full service financial planning, residential mortgages, and commercial mortgages but as the world changed, so did the business. In recent years we have joined forces with The State Bank and MB Bank out of Chicago in order to provide our clients with residential mortgages.

More Than Just Mortgages

This is what being a part of a community means to Us!

It is our hope that through leading our clients to financing to provide themselves with housing, that we can one person at a time, one day at a time, eventually help to house the homeless of Washtenaw County.

per day

$85 allows for a shelter to house a client for one day.

The average length of stay at a shelter facility is 30 days.


Safehouse in Ann Arbor serves over 5,500 survivors and their children every year.

Shelters in Ann Arbor have the ability to feed and cater to diets for all of its clients; including, gluten free, heart safe, diabetic friendly.

per month

In Washtenaw County, the standard cost of a two bed-room apartment according to HUD is $882/month.

In order to be able to afford that, a person would need to be earning no less than $16.96/hour. If working at minimum wage, a person would have to work 2.3 jobs at this rate.

each = $200 Donated

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Community Engagement


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Investment Advisor Representative of and securities offered through Berthel Fisher & Company Financial Services, Inc. (BFCFS). Member FINRA/SIPC. Money Source Financial services, Inc. is independent of BFCFS. Mortgages and Commercial Lending are offered through MB Bank and The State Bank and are not affiliated with BFCFS.

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