The Michigan Theater is Ann Arbor’s historic center for fine films and the performing arts.

We are pleased to have been honored with many national awards and to have a special relationship with the Sundance Film Festival. We are also pleased to have a special relationship with Money Source Financial Services.

They have been a consistent and vital partner of ours for years. Their support has helped us bring the best in film art and performance entertainment to Ann Arbor and surrounding communities.

Without the enthusiasm and support of patrons like Money Source Financial Services our relationship with Sundance would not be possible and our recognition as the Outstanding Historic Theater in North America would be unlikely.

Thank you Money Source Financial services for your enthusiasm for our mission to preserve, restore and operate the Michigan Theater for the benefit of the community and the arts and for your financial support which allows us to pursue the type of institutional excellence our community demands.

Russ Collins
Executive Director and CEO  http://www.michtheater.org/